Electrical Stacker

How to Maintenance electrical Stacker

Electric stacker truck are commonly used in warehouse forklift equipment and handling equipment. Today we share some experiences of daily use and maintenance of cars piled high, hoping to use the electric Stacker clients have some reference.

Electric stacker truck maintenance is actually very important, it is the basis for safe operation, and can greatly reduce maintenance costs, reduce unnecessary equipment wear and improve semi-electric stacker of life, to create a good economic benefits for enterprises.

Electric stacker truck chain group maintenance

Electric stacker truck chain how to care for it? Usually have to clean electric chain above the dust heap high car, pay attention to the chain axis lubricating Siamese connected, always pay more attention to the maintenance of the chain for cracks and damage.

Electric stacker truck Daily Use

When using  electric stacker truck and handling cargo, must first understand the weight of the goods, general cargo weight must not exceed 3% of the rated load, otherwise there will be forks breaking, goods slipped, lifting the time to ensure that the goods packaging firm strictly prevent casualties caused by the goods fall; use the time to pay attention to adjust the position of the goods at the top of the fork; when transporting cargo to the fork down to the lowest position in the handling and stacking of goods in process, to ensure that no one around, and prevent unnecessary accidents casualties; strict compliance with the instructions above parameters, especially truck and gradeability, usually these are factory-tested and is in a safe range of operating parameters; and when the electric Stacker is not used in the state, to the fork down to the lowest position, the piston rod to prevent rust, but also to turn off the power, so that the device is in a resting state.

Electric stacker truck daily maintenance

Regularly check all parts are tightened, thread for loose phenomenon; to keep clean electric forklift trucks, special attention wheels, axles, etc. Are there rags or rope line winding; regularly drive chain, pulleys and butter, lubricants maintenance; electric forklift trucks to avoid the use in wet or corrosive environments are relatively strong.


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