Stack Rack

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Storage stack rack is durable,portable,collapsible or detachable,removable,provides more convenient solution than pallet racking for the tires,pipes,rolles etc. storage and transportation.

Designs of stack rack

Features of stack rack

1. Welded tube,angle iron,steel plate construction provides high strength

2. Load capacity from 1000kg to 2000kg

3. Foldable or mounted design,save storage space

4. Stackable,4 pcs can be stacked together with load

5. Four way accessibility for forklift

6. Powder coat or hot dip galvanize surface treatment for better anti-corrosion

7. Sizes,shape,designs can be changed per your specific requirements

Stacking with loads

Stacking rack

Stacking rack

Customized specificaiton and design

The portable stacking racks are mainly customized per specific requirements.Any customized specifications or special designed for particular application are all acceptable.

Stack rack accessaries

Accessaries which are used together with stack rack are available to supply,such as,


Name plates


Forklift pockets


Any other parts of specific requirements

Packing & shipping

1. Packing: wood pallet packing

2. Shipping: the optimized way will be used to ship the stack racks based on the order quantity,normally the unit shipping cost is LCL > 20′ load > 40′ load > 40’HC

If you would like a quotation or more details on this product, please contact us and we will get back to you within 1 working day.


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